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A Trio of Classics!

Love Not Fear

~ Be YOU! ~ The whole of who you are,

not the small scared
version, but the open hearted big expanded allness that is the true you.

Live all out, have FUN and create a life that excites you!

Self love Guru

Bec's biggest desire is to invite you

to see with
Absolute Certainty that YOU (yes, you!) are not alone in your world.

There is more to you than your human experience, you have a spiritual nature, too.

Lucy's Art

Lucy has has been creating high-quality, original abstract art since 2019. It is her passion to bring joy to your walls!

"Creating my unique Abstract Art brings me such joy. I sprinkle magic & love into every creation!"

Join us for BEING YOU!

Waking Up To What's Possible

The Conference 2024

March 6th -8th

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