Join us For the North Devon Innate Health & Wellness Conference

Wednesday 6th - Friday 8th March 2024

"The Conference of love"

Together we are pushing the boundaries of whats possible for humanity

The Pier House

Merley Rd

Westward Ho!

EX39 1JU

Your Investment £230.00

Payment plans are available when you click to book

Counting Down The Days!

Be a part of the human revolution

& discover a new direction.

Are You Ready?

Book your place at the next North Devon Innate Health and Wellness Conference

and join us for three life-changing days.

I’ve been to numerous events similar in nature to our
conference, it was my love and passion for such things, that sparked the desire
to create our Annual North Devon Innate Health & Wellness Conference. I
wanted to share what I had experienced; it was simply too good not to.


Being in a room filled with love and positive energy is like
a luxury spa for the soul.

Treating myself to regular luxury soul spas has changed who
I am, it’s taken my life in a direction I didn’t know it could go. Away from
fear and into the light of love.


The unconditional sharing, the surrender, the forgiveness
the gratitude and the love have impacted me in ways that are too numerous to
share here. As I write this my heart is literally bursting and my eyes feel a bit leaky…


AND for all those lovely words which so deeply touch my
heart, regularly attending a luxury soul spa has helped me the most in very practical ways.

In how I create my life, in what I do, from who I am now being.

Things like paying my bills, keeping a roof over my head,
enjoying my lovely relationship and being a better mum. Being cool and centred
when my car was written off and when my daughter broke her back, dealing with
little things like when my computer plays up and the biggest of big things too
personal to share publicly, all while keeping my peace of mind and mental stability.

I’ve found my happy place and I do what I love, I am
surrounded by love and that is infectious. I’m creative, I believe in myself,
my mind is my best friend and I never believe a word it says.

Life is full of love and joy. AND I don’t despair when I’m not feeling great, when I have my off moments.


I’ve watched people that I love transform and continue to
become better and better versions of themselves on a daily basis.

I’ve watched people I didn’t know, blossom, and grow, into
better parents, sons’ daughters and leaders. Have less pain less fear, less
anxiety, more freedom, more creativity…the list is endless.


I know that every year, even though the last conference was
fabulous, this one will be even better. As we grow and become more, what’s
possible expands, things we can’t even see and don’t know we don’t know get revealed.


For me the opportunity to be in a room like this is
priceless, there isn’t enough money in existence to equal what I’ve gained, who
I have become because of events like these.


This is what’s on offer for anyone who wants to join us.


If this resonates with you then gift yourself these three
life changing days.

After all, why wouldn’t you?

Your investment is £230.00, this includes:

Entrance for all 3 days

plus Lunch and refreshments

on all three days

Payment plans are available when you click to book

Wednesday 6th March ~ Friday 8th March 2024

Ticket to attend the conference, including Lunch

Some pictures from the room last year

To give you a flavour of what to expect...

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