North Devon Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference

14th ~ 16th November 2019

 ~ A Celebration of Life's Genius in You! ~



are no

limits to the human mind~

Lets Start a New Conversation ?

Who Is This Conference For?

This conference is open to everyone.

Mental Health is becoming an issue and we need to open a new conversation about it.

This is not a suit & tie conference for a select few...we want YOU in the room.

Whether you suffer and struggle, whether you look after someone who suffers and struggles, whether you are interested in better human performance in sport or in the work place you will learn something life changing during these amazing three days



(We also have a limited amount of subsidised tickets available on request if the full ticket price is too much for you)

Meet The Speakers...

Find out a little bit about all of the wonderful speakers who will be joining us for our second Mental Health & Wellbeing conference in November.

They are coming from far and wide and will all be sharing a simple understanding of the mind that is transformational.

Denise Holland...

Denise is the founder of Class Performance – Excellence Within, she has specialised in elite sports performance for over 30 years, collaborating with other coaches in many different sports all over the world.

Steve Adair...

Steve Adair is an international speaker, trainer, coach and mentor. He facilitates group programmes and retreats, internationally and has his own private practise based in Central Bedfordshire, UK.

Since gaining a deeper realisation of the spiritual nature of the human experience, he now bases his practise exclusively on the Three Principles. 

Mandy Spray...

My name is Mandy Spray and I live in North London, although I am originally from glorious Devon! 💕
I came across the Three Principles six years ago and, after years of feeling anxious most of the time, life immediately became easier in ways that I wouldn’t have thought possible. It really is true that we can’t see the things that are right in front of us – love, ease, fun, resilience!

Stef Cybichowski...

Hi my name is Stef Cybichowski. I am a Dad, a musician and a Three Principles practitioner.

6 years ago I was experiencing the most challenging time of my life, going through divorce, having to sell my business, losing my house, becoming a single dad and with my own father passing away, it felt like I was experiencing the very depths of despair and depression with a very bleak future in prospect.

Understanding the Principles behind the human experience has completely changed how I see the world and myself.

Fredrik Kinnman...

Fredrik is a psychiatrist from Sweden. He has been sharing the principles since 2013.

He came across the principles himself when struggling with depression, anxiety and physical pain.

Now he shares the inside out understanding both personally in the Three Principles community and, at work, in psychiatry. He enjoys pointing people back to their innate health.

Maria & Ash Wood...

Maria has over 25 years experience as an executive and team coach. She  works with leaders across a broad range of organisations.

She is passionate about sharing this understanding so that people find this grace and ease for themselves. She believes it is through this understanding that the world will become a better place to live in. She is passionate about playing her part fully and actively in making the world a better place.


Ashley has been a developer of people for over 30 years, mostly in leadership development. He has always been inspired to explore new ways to help people be more effective and more fulfilled.

his work is now underpinned by the Three Principles. He sees the understanding transform the life and work of the leaders he works with.

Andy & Emmy Winter...

Andy was introduced to Sydney Banks and the profound insights he had over 25 years ago.
Since then he has had the chance to learn from many other extraordinary teachers including, Dicken Bettinger, Roger Mills, George and Linda Pransky, Ken Manning and many more.

His lovely Daughter Emmy has been brought up with this understanding and we are delighted to have her with us sharing her views on the world of possibility.

Tickets are no longer available as this event has finished...

Think of the three days you spend at this conference as an investment in your brighter future. What you learn about yourself, how life works and how suffering is optional will stay with you and benefit you way after the sun goes down on the final day of this fabulous event. 

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