The Warrior's Journey

90-Day Self Study programme

The Warriors Journey is based on the journey Deb took from total disaster to enjoying success and ease in life.. 

The object behind creating this program is to create something of value in the world, which will guide people to see the value they have within themselves.


I am now in the best place than I have ever been before in my whole life!
Oh, the excitement I get at receiving my warriors journey daily email!!

I see life differently and reflect and understand myself and others so much more.
This experience was worth every penny spent as it is priceless to have made such an impact and turn around in my life.

Lynne Fothergill, Warrior 2021

90 days on a journey together is immeasurably helpful. 

Our hope is, that by going on this journey, you will unlock that amazing value for yourself and that your life will transform for the better in ways you never thought possible.


It's time for fun and learning?

Let's discover together where true value comes from...

  • Why The Warrior's Journey?

    We aspire to be …

    • sincere; because this helps on the journey,
    • committed; because this helps stay on the path,
    • fun; because seriousness clogs creativity

    The Warrior's Journey is the path we have chosen to do that

  • What do you mean by The Warrior's Journey?

    The Warrior's Journey is all about creating more of the things we want in our lives and having resilience and grace around the things that we have no control over.

    The road to this achievement is a very simple one but it is not always an easy one, this is where you will need your Warrior training to help you keep taking the steps and moving forward.

  • So, what exactly will I have to do?

    This your own personal journey and what you do will be up to you. Having said that, what you put in you will get out, and to become a Warrior will take work.

    We will be working together to find your own inner wisdom and to use your intellect to give you the best of everything this life has to offer, but life is not a free ride, it is a contact sport and to win you will have to get into the game and be prepared for the rough with the smooth.

  • How do I know if The Warrior's Journey is for me?

    If your life isn’t exactly as you would want it to be, if there are places where you know it could be better, that you could be happier, then the Warriors Journey is a way to help you achieve this for yourself.

I’m still completing the Warriors Journey, but I recommend it without hesitation!

I love the mix of videos, articles, rest and nurture days and reflections, to really soak it all in. Early on in the Journey there was reference to it leading to having more fun, happiness and love in our lives. This has proved to be the case for me, and let’s face it, you need look no further than Bec and Deb for the absolute embodiment of this! Don’t hesitate, become a Warrior....

Jo Murphy, Warrior 2021

Are you ready?

The Warriors Journey is all about getting clear about what is really going on, then having in
place what you need, to achieve the things that would serve you best

  • 90 Days of Committment

    Deb and Bec turn up in your in-box every day for 90 days and deliver value in the form of reading material, videos, audios and challenges

  • 1-1 call with Dare2BU

    During the 90 days there will be an opportunity to have a 1-1 call with the Dare2BU team. This will give you space to look in depth at creating a life you LOVE!

  • Bonus offer...

    When you are ready to start on the path to becoming a Warrior... there will also be an special bonus offer for you! 

Your Investment

Thank you so much for including me on this wonderful journey. 

I am so happy to be doing it!


Warrior 2021

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