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Dare2BUūüíú is all about guiding people to their own inner greatness and giving them permission to unashamedly be who they truly are out in the world.

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Being YOU ~ Made Easy

Grounding to navigate life & love

It's really easy in life to get lost , to feel stressed, to people please, to overthink and become anxious, in short

to let our circumstances and all the things that happen in life overwhelm us and shake our grounding. 

By grounding we mean understanding. It is what we stand on, metaphorically.

What we know to be true about ourself, our spiritual nature, our human nature and life,


ME Academy is the place to deepen that grounding so that even when we are shaken we stay standing. 


We are rather like trees, if we want to have strong branches, luscious leaves, healthy fruit and beautiful flowers, then we need deeply grounded roots that can sustain us, even in the fiercest of storms. 


Some of  the signs that your grounding needs to be deeper...

  • People Pleasing

    When we lose sight of who we are we feel a deep need for others to like us, so we can feel loved. 

    Getting to know and understand ourselves helps us see how unhealthy this is and opens up the love we already have within. 

  • Anxiety¬†

    Far too many people are crippled with anxiety, it's hard to see a way out when it has us gripped.

    Learning about yourself, how you work and the role thought plays in the experience of anxiety is life changing. 

  • Physical Illness¬†

    Overthinking and stressing out can often result in physical illness, or physical illness can result in overthinking and stressing out.  More pain, more discomfort, more illness. 

    Knowing yourself breaks this hopeless cycle. 

  • Over Thinking¬†

    When we have a problem, it's easy to get right up into our heads and give ourself a headache overthinking  it. 

    Understanding our mind helps us get out of our busy mind and trust the solution will present itself in the right moment. 

  • Stress¬†

    Stress is one of the biggest problems in the western world.

    Yet a simple understanding of who you truly are holds the solution. For many people the problem feels so big they can't believe there could be a simple solution. 

  • Overwhelm

    We live in a very busy world, one that often changes almost overnight recently, when we don't understand ourselves its easy to feel overwhelmed and lose our way back to our innate inner peace and calm. 

ūüíúūüíú¬†Why ME Academy is Made For YOU¬†ūüíúūüíú










The 2 leaders are so amazing, they live this 'understanding' in front of your eyes; so they are often joyful, laughing and always empathetic. This approach comes from the heart and this organisation embodies this in everything they do.

Chrissie Johnson

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