Every Great Relationship Starts With YOU!

Putting The Balance Back Into Relationships

Hello and a very warm Welcome   

It's really great to connect with you and share what we have found to be incredibly helpful in our lives and the lives of our friends, relatives and clients.

Too many of us settle for so much less than we are ~ in our life and relationships.

We don't want that for you.

Are you ready to open your mind to truth and your heart to possibility beyond anything you can imagine.?

We hope you find something you like here, join us in having fun whilst learning how important it is to know who you TRULY are.

Every great relationship starts with YOU!

We are Deb & Bec

Together we run everything here at Dare2bu headquarters

We are Aunty and Niece and we have both had more than our fair share of relationship struggles that negatively affected us in many areas of our lives.

These days we love nothing more than helping people, just like you to see that truly, deeply, knowing yourself makes relationships  much less complicated and life a lot less serious than we make it.

We help people every day who suffer because they don’t like themselves.

They have problems with their partner

They struggle to be a good parent

They  have a difficult relationship with people they work with

They struggle with money
They need support in building their own business


These struggles lead them to be stressed, anxious and uptight.
From here it’s very hard to be at your best in any relationship.


We know because we have been there…

Deb was in a very unhealthy relationship, which she eventually left and moved

into a women’s refuge.

She had lost herself and was feeling insecure, anxious and stressed…her life was a mess.

Then a short while later in 2011 she came across a spiritual understanding that completely changed everything.

“I wasn’t coping very well at all I was full of guilt and shame and was struggling to move past all the bad things that had happened to me and that I had done.

Since having my first insight I have made it my mission to share this understanding with as many people as I can and change their lives too.”


Bec, Deb’s niece, watched Deb’s transformation and when her own life appeared to be crumbling around her, it was natural that she turned to ‘Aunty Deb’ for support. 

“I had lost sight of who I was. I spent my days with anxious knots in my stomach, on edge, unsure what to do to get my life back together. As Deb started to share this simple understanding with me, pieces of the jigsaw just fell into place.
I got my life back together


There are lots of ways we help people just like YOU

We offer free resources which guide you to explore who you truly are and paid programs where you can work with us more closely and on a deeper level.

  • Books

    Here at Dare2bu we have published four books.

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    We regularly run online courses.

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  • Our Conference

    We are very excited to be holding our second Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference in November

  • Mentoring

    3-month program which gently opens your mind to truth and your heart to possibility.

  • Free Resources

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