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In just 8 Weeks with ME Academy

Hello and a Very Warm Welcome to Dare2buūüíú

The Home of ME Academy 

 It's really great to connect and share what we have found to be incredibly helpful in our lives.

Things that changed our people-pleasing ways 

Things that allowed us to uncover our inner self-assurance and become self-assured,

confident in who we are and happy to be ourselves. 


Far too many people struggle and suffer.

Some of the commonest things we hear people pleasers struggling with are...




Not being good enough 

Mental health problems 

Not sleeping well


Fearful of the future


Over thinking

Putting everyone else first

Being sensitive and over-caring

Lack of self-esteem...


We could add more to this list.

Instead, we would love to invite you to come with us on a journey to discover

who you truly are on the inside, underneath all of that struggle.

and let that self shine and thrive out in the world.

Go from people pleasing to self-assured in just 8 weeks

Inside ME Academy


Are you ready to open your mind to truth and your heart to possibility?

 join us in having fun whilst learning how impactful knowing yourself and being yourself  is in

every aspect of your life. 

Drop the people pleaser and embrace your true self

Everything  great starts with YOU!

Here's a little bit about us...

We are Deb & Bec...

Together we run everything here at Dare2bu headquarters.

We are Aunty and Niece and we have both changed our people-pleasing ways to become self-assured,

confident in who we are and happy to be ourselves 


Andrew B

There is an almost magical quality to the love, compassion, understanding, wisdom, energy that envelops and is shared from Debs, Bec and the whole Dare2BU team.

Chrissie J

Deb and Bec are so amazing, they live this 'understanding' in front of your eyes; so they are often joyful, laughing and always empathetic. This approach comes from the heart and this organisation embodies this in everything they do.

There are lots of ways YOU can connect with us

We offer free resources which guide you to explore who you truly are and paid programs where you can work with us more closely and on a deeper level.

  • Face Book¬†¬†

    We have a fabulous, supportive facebook community that we would love you to be a part of. 

  • YouTube Channel¬†¬†

    We have a YouTube channel where we add helpful videos regularly 

  • Finding Your Voice

    Are You ready for your next adventure?

    Let Bec hold your hand while you find your voice 

  • Books

    Here at Dare2bu we have published four books.

    They are all available on Amazon

  • Retreats

    We run regular immersion retreats. Our next one starts on

    Monday 8th November 2021 

  • self Study Courses

    Want a bit of D.I.Y ?

    Take a look at our fabulous self-Study courses

  • Our Conference 2021

    Watch this space for news of our Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference coming in

    March 2022  

  • Free Resources

    We have a video series ~ Back to Basics to start you on your journey.

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