Great Relationships Start With YOU!

Helping YOU reach Relationship Heaven through insightful conversation

Hello and a Very Warm Welcome   

It's really great to connect with you and share what we have found to be incredibly helpful in our relationships and the relationships of our friends, relatives and clients.

Too many of us settle for so much less than we can have ~ in our life and relationships.

We don't want that for you.


We are here to guide you through a spiritual understanding of how experience is created and a deeper truth of  who you TRULY are

A combination of these two things is the fastest and simplest way to relationship heaven.

Are you ready to open your mind to truth and your heart to possibility?

 join us in having fun whilst learning how impactful this understanding is.

Every great relationship starts with YOU!

We would LOVE to get to know YOU

We are Deb & Bec...

Together we run everything here at Dare2bu headquarters

We are Aunty and Niece and we have both had more than our fair share of relationship struggles that negatively affected us in many areas of our lives.

There are lots of ways YOU can connect with us

We offer free resources which guide you to explore who you truly are and paid programs where you can work with us more closely and on a deeper level.

  • Book Club 

    Join us for our first online book club starting in July. 

    Looking at the Dare2bu book 

  • Mentoring

    3-month program which gently opens your mind to truth and your heart to possibility.

  • Facilitator Mastermind

    Join us at our Farmhouse lets hangout together. 

    It's a great way to deepen your grounding.

  • Books

    Here at Dare2bu we have published four books.

    They are all available on Amazon

  • Retreats

    We run regular immersion retreats. Due to the current situation these are online at present.

  • 30 day self love

    Our fabulous self-Love 30 Day course. 

    Fall in love with yourself! 

  • Our Conference 2020

    We are excited that our next Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference in November 2020

  • Free Resources

    We have a YouTube Channel and a FaceBook Page & Group where we are very active.

We would love to stay in touch

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